C/Fe Records


C/ Fe Records is an independent record label that is artist owned and operated which means our artists own shares of the company which is under the guidance of its CEO, Jakub Novotny. Since they own shares of the company, they have a greater share in the profits made from their art. They likewise have a vested interest in the company and work to further its growth as much as the growth of their own projects.

As an artists’ collective, we allow our artists to be the talent scouts. We search for bands with unique and creative sounds that can afford to produce themselves according to the high degree of quality we demand. The collective handles the mastering and the merchandise which we obtain at a premium through a special network so that the quality and savings may be passed on to the customers.

Our core values are originality and creativity in music, professionalism and community, quality and thrift. We strive to push the envelope of what defines musical genres with every release. We turn our professional relationships into personal relationships, and our customers get their money’s worth. Our target market are the geeks, the gamers, the comic book nerds, the science fiction afficianados, and the fashion designers. We seek to represent as many styles of music as possible filtered through our signature sound.

We are a small American company, but we have an international viewpoint and a desire for globalization. We believe globalization will lead to greater appreciation of foreign and even currently isolated cultures not only in America but also in Europe and around the world. It may lead to a global culture, but that culture will undoubtedly have locally unique characteristics as the importance of the city replaces the importance of the nation. Therefore, greater globalization culturally will lead to greater localization and/ or specialization. Therefore, we seek to deepen individuality, and we encourage our artists not to pander to itching ears. At the same time for our artists, entertainment is equally as important as artistic integrity.

Viscus Ferratus

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