Lyrics Update

The lyrics page has been updated. You may notice that not all the lyrics have been posted.  This is intentional (except in the case of Electricity, which will be updated later). Certain homonyms and punctuation can potentially change the meaning of some of these lyrics. I do not wish to interpret them for you. You, the listener, are the final part to the whole that is any art, thus giving meaning if indeed any is to be found.

Publicity, Marketing, and Other Stuff I Know Little About

As previously stated, I have neither the motivation or the narcissism required for self-marketing.  Nonetheless, I am trying to post more often and get a few other things going that might help more people be aware of the existence of AllThisIsMeaningless.

In this vein, I have opened a Twitter account.  Ya.  Twitter.  I Tweet now.  This is particularly odd to me as I had declared it dead more than once, but the media seems to be keeping it alive.  There is not much to be seen yet, not even a photo, but you can follow me @ATIM_music.  This is not the name I wanted, but I tried a few others that didn’t quite work.

And speaking of narcissism, my favorite rejected user name?  AllThisIsMe.  Damned limitations.  I also considered AlThIM, which I may still do.  Would anyone care vote?

I have also started a couple accounts on other social media, not so much that I plan to use them, but that they will be there if I decide to.

Further publicity to happen soon:  an interview about AllThisIsMeaningless and Hijacking Your Fiction and an album preview on SoundCloud.  If all goes well the latter will get done tomorrow.

Coming updates:  Album release details (mastering is getting done as I type this), a contest idea I’ve been kicking around for a while now, a long list of thank-yous, a call for remixes, and the future of AllThisIsMeaningless.

Album Art (and Video)

I had, at one point, decided that the full album was too much to handle and was going to break it up into three parts, or “Chapters.”  As it stands, Hijacking Your Fiction is still presented in three chapters, but there was a point that there seemed to be less pressure to finish when looking at it as separate parts.  The plan was then to release the album in three EPs.  However, as a few of the songs came together, I realized it was actually Chapter One that was going to take the most work, and nearly everything else was already complete.  The album returned to full length.

As a result, I’m not sure what I’m going to do for album art.  I had a cohesive idea for all three covers, each similar but with degrees of change meant to imply growth and change.  I even had someone willing to do the work.

I do not do marketing well, and that includes motivation to talk to other people about what I want for my music.  After so little communication with Jolene, I found that she was busy with her fashion design work but was still willing to work with me given time.  Now I just don’t feel right springing this on her at the last second (nevermind that she lives on the other side of the planet).  Besides, I am now looking for a simplified design, but have no idea how to go about it.  Bless all you visual artists out there, because I am lost in your world.

Enter, perhaps, Jennifer Kover, a friend I made in Korea.  She is already working on some video concepts for a couple of the songs, which will be made available on YouTube and/or whatever other site I feel like joining.  She may now be my graphics designer as well.

So the third in my long list of thanks (Scott, aka Artisan002 being the first for motivational and mixing help, and Zachary Annett being second for taking on the task of mastering), are those visual designers and artists that have been willing to help, whether or not they end up doing the work for me because of my lack of discipline and motivation.  I will post links to their work in the near future.

This is the beginning of a long list of thank-yous that will be in an upcoming post.

A Break in the Silence

Blog reboot.

AllThisIsMeaningless is not idle.

I won’t detail the struggle to finish this album (I will save it for another time, perhaps) as there is much to be said about a five-year process. Countless album ideas begun and scrapped when, in 2010, everything came together.  It has not been easy and there have been long periods of nothing done.  And now, Hijacking Your Fiction will see the light of day at last.

The mix phase of the album is complete thanks in large part to my new producer, Scott Coward.  We have pushed hard these last six months to get it done.  The next step will be to send the tracks for mastering, which I will be doing this week.

As of now, only four people (including myself) have heard the album in its entirety.  Two more will be added to the list: mastering engineer Zachary Annett, and artist Jennifer Kover, who will also be doing some video.  If, however, you managed to get the C/Fe Menagerie Vol. 1, you will recognize three of the songs, though two of them have gone through some rather dramatic changes.

That is all for now.  There will be much more in the coming days.