Publicity, Marketing, and Other Stuff I Know Little About

As previously stated, I have neither the motivation or the narcissism required for self-marketing.  Nonetheless, I am trying to post more often and get a few other things going that might help more people be aware of the existence of AllThisIsMeaningless.

In this vein, I have opened a Twitter account.  Ya.  Twitter.  I Tweet now.  This is particularly odd to me as I had declared it dead more than once, but the media seems to be keeping it alive.  There is not much to be seen yet, not even a photo, but you can follow me @ATIM_music.  This is not the name I wanted, but I tried a few others that didn’t quite work.

And speaking of narcissism, my favorite rejected user name?  AllThisIsMe.  Damned limitations.  I also considered AlThIM, which I may still do.  Would anyone care vote?

I have also started a couple accounts on other social media, not so much that I plan to use them, but that they will be there if I decide to.

Further publicity to happen soon:  an interview about AllThisIsMeaningless and Hijacking Your Fiction and an album preview on SoundCloud.  If all goes well the latter will get done tomorrow.

Coming updates:  Album release details (mastering is getting done as I type this), a contest idea I’ve been kicking around for a while now, a long list of thank-yous, a call for remixes, and the future of AllThisIsMeaningless.

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