The Temptation of St. Anthony

Night comes to the city. My faith falls apart.

The lights go down. I lie down in the dark.

Hell is all around us. Below us, only love.

The crucified with lust in their eyes.

We heed no word. A sickness in our hearts.

I am the dark, you are the stars.

Everything has gone wrong, but I know it is just

To reach an end.

Man to seduce you, a woman to reduce you,

Buildings crumble, calm these hands are

Trembling masses of flesh and pulp,

Chains that bind them, who’s behind them?

Leaving roads and bridges, hearts and sentence me

To reach an end, vile and obscene.

I have made choices to be what I’ll become

To whom I pray, thy worst be done.

This flesh still breathing, animal seething,

Cold, dry breath awaiting meeting.

Beast and breast and swollen heads play chess.

Pornography in everything.

No temptation, no more suffering.

All these signals, no decisions, yet.

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