The Production Notebook III: Guitar, Gayageum, Actual Progress

I have done little to speak of this week, either too tired or desperate to get away from the computer and the apartment, returning exhausted from having spent the day in one of the most densely packed cities in the world.  But today, or last night rather, small progress at last.

The downside is that there is little to show for this progress just yet.  But there have been a few tricky parts I’ve been struggling with and trying to work out that I think I’ve figured out.  This is, unfortunately, mostly creative progress.  Creativity is the easy part – the actual work is when I start to fall apart.

The lead synth that’s been giving me fits on “Voices”:  I think I’ve managed to put together a patch on the Korg that might help beef it up a bit.  That would make the fourth Prophecy generated sound on the song.

Also on “Voices”:  Will try adding some guitar strumming and arpeggios to fill out the sound where needed.

The break, or third part, of “Chimera” (which will probably be called “Ruin”):  I think this will feature a bit of abstract gayageum and percussion.  I’ve kind of worked out a rough melody and need to flesh it out a little more.

An untitled piece that I’m determined to put on the track, but haven’t been sure where to go with it:  This is to be fairly up-tempo track, which may open the album or be the second song, after “Voices” (the more likely scenario).  There will be no drums, only acoustic guitar, synth, and a little DIY percussion.  This one has such a long way to go, it may not make it on the album.

A final technical problem:  The synth used for the bass in “Electricity” doesn’t want to work on my new computer, which means either finishing the song on my laptop or rendering the bass track, importing it on the new computer and hoping everything works out alright.

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