A Year in the Life

It may seem I finished the “Missing Dead” remix for MusiM and then dropped off the face of the planet.  Not quite true, but I did end up back on the west side of the planet, once again in the United States.  Here’s a quick recap of my disappearance, soon to be followed by album and project news.  As I do not wish this to get too dull or too personal, it will be brief.

Sometime late last year, around October, things got busy:  twelve-hour work days and a new (and more complicated than it should have been) relationship sapped any desire to do anything in what little free time I had, and such time was spent trying to find another hour of sleep or playing video games.

So much work has, at least, granted me the luxury of taking a few months off.  I moved back to the States at the end of March and achieved very little.  It seems I still had a few things that needed to be taken care of emotionally before I could get to work.

Now, all is in motion.  I have much to do, but music is not being neglected anymore.

Updates to follow.

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