Address to My Abandoned Fans

Perhaps it is folly to assume I ever had anything of a fanbase to begin with…

Nonetheless, it is time to begin anew.  The last several months have taken their toll (as will be partially explained soon), and as a result I have done little musically, which translates to zero blog time.  Now, however, John (aka MusiM) has somehow pushed me back here and I’ve agreed to a bi-weekly post – monthly being too infrequent, and weekly not giving the perfectionist in me time to be at least moderately satisfied with my words (I have several posts that never got finished which are now irrelevant as a result of obsessive vocabulary and syntax rearrangement symptomatic of a persistent fear of being misunderstood).  I’m hoping that bi-weekly will give me enough time to make each post satisfactory while not giving perfectionism enough time to blossom fully.

Assuming I still have readers and/or listeners, I’ve not abandoned you – I just got a bit lost.  Consider this post one.

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