Christmas Release

Some of you may know that I have released quite a few songs for Christmas over the years, but few of these have made it any further than into the hands of close friends and family.  This year I’m working on one that I quite like thus far, an interpretation of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”  This will be available for download on my Soundcloud page.

But surely, you say, there is more?  Indeed.

I will also make the entirety of my Christmas catalogue available to all who wish to have it, beginning with “Carol of the Electrodrum Furniture,” which I made with a Juno 106, a Quasimidi 309, and a Roland DJ-70 sampler.  I layered sounds by overdubbing on a dual tape deck, so it is quite noisy, poorly mixed and leveled, and tremendous copyright-infringing fun.

Look for it soon.

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