Christmas…in December!?

A collection of music I’ve done for Christmas over the years, beginning in 1999 with “Carol of the Electro-Drum Furniture, which was done by playing live with a Quasimidi 309, a Roland Juno-106, a Roland DJ-70 sampler and a dual tape deck. Each part was dubbed using the tape deck, hence the noise and volume guesswork. Copyright infringing fun.In 2007 I tried to recreate the magic, but failed to capture the spirit with the new “Carol of the Electro-Drum.”My most ambitious holiday effort came in 2008, using the score for Mozart’s Lorettine Litany, “Litaniae de Beata Virgine, K. 109,” as edited by Dolores Ambrister (1979). Each section had several takes and I’ve included the Midi Mozart alternative version here as well, as cheese as it is.The 2009 offering never really got going. Here I’ve uploaded “Carol of the Bells (snowstorm),” which I rather enjoy, and “Carol of the Bells (dumheim yawnroller),” which was a half-hearted and unfinished attempt at getting away from the usual Christmas bell-choir-in-a-factory noise I had been doing, but quickly lost my interest.

Finally, a preview to my latest effort, the unfinished instrumental portion of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” Something like a Christmas dirge. I’m not sure it will be finished due to inconvenience.

Everything is free to download until it is removed in January.  Please share if you like it.

Merry Christmas.

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