A (Brief) Love Song to My Korg Prophecy

When I returned to the States a little over two years ago, I had time to get reacquainted with my Korg Prophecy.  Analogue emulation notwithstanding, the pure digital noise this thing is capable of when pushed is incredible!

I have since used the Prophecy on my most popular song “Gate 36” (check the lead synth at the beginning and end of the song), “Hospital Girls,” and it will be heard in at least three other songs on Hijacking Your Fiction.  “Voices,” a song in progress, features the Prophecy in several places:  the bass, the wail, and the solo synth lead.

I’m quite looking forward to having her back (What?  Some guys call refer to their cars in a feminine sense, and I to my keyboards).  Now if only I could find someone to repair (or modify) my Juno 106.

Update:  She has come!  She’s in Seoul!  She’s caught up in customs!

Three Months, April, and Other News from Seoul

Three months (three and a half) have passed more quickly than I would have imagined, and have managed to do so without much to tell.  It appears that my January projection for continuing work on Hijacking Your Fiction was far too ambitious.  My work schedule has been rather unfortunate, and while it is not difficult, I’ve had enough to do and my hours scattered enough to sap most, if not all, of my energy.  As a result, I’ve made the rather financially ill-advised decision to take April off when the opportunity to do so was presented to me.

If I am able to keep distractions minimal, I should be able to get the songs mostly, if not fully written, composed and recorded, and ready for mixing.  It will, of course, take an amount of dedication I’m not used to having.  I have also already begun selecting songs and working on the follow-up album, which might be more musically cohesive than Hijacking Your Fiction will be, where Hijacking Your Fiction is turning out to be thematically cohesive but musically diverse.

Other plans for the coming months include finding a teacher to continue my gayageum (가야금) studies and beginning haidong gumdo (해동검도) training.

Coming up:  More April goals, Foolish Fire, and the Re:Gen review of the C/Fe Menagerie!