Another System Failure

I think my firewire port is malfunctioning.  My audio interface seems to work fine with my laptop, but is not cooperating with my main computer.  I may still be able to finish the tweeks on MusiM’s “Missing Dead,” but it might require a bit of guesswork.

As it is, I don’t have time to work, thus doubling even slight frustrations I may already have.   Time for a whole new computer, I guess.  Perhaps all this overtime will pay off in the end, provided I’m not fucked on taxes and insurance.

7 thoughts on “Another System Failure

  1. I hope to hear you get things figured out as I miss hearing your music so often. The soundcloud thing would definitely be cool! I’ll get back on the riff a day bit after the Missing Dead single and this vlog user song I’m doing are done. Or at least that’s my intention. We could do a every other day remix war if things settle down for you.

    • And I miss doing music often. I think next month things will settle down and I’ll be able to get some work done when I get home. As for the riff-a-day, I’m thinking of trying for 30 days, probably starting this week. We’ll see how that goes.

      • i am simply happy,i feel like i understand myself better than i have when i last saw you. yes i also wish i could have seen you before you left, you are such a wonderfully unique person, im lucky to have met you at all. i went to numbers last friday. i havent been drinking any alcohol since my birthday on july 30. this might have been the only time ive been there sober, it was fun too. i will stop for now. love, staci

  2. oh also yes im still in humid town, its been extra hellishly hot too. maybe ill pull a disapearing act when my lease is up next feb

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