My, my, my…

1.  My remix of MusiM’s “Missing Dead” is complete.  It should be available by the first of September, along with other fine remixes, on Bandcamp for a buck.  You’ve probably got that in an old pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while.  Get a dollar, get the remixes.

2.  My insane work schedule has two weeks left, and then it will change to something much more reasonable, but quite contrary to my nature in that I’ll be waking up at five every morning.  However, I’ll be done by one most days.

3.  My gayageum is not getting enough use.  I found a teacher, and next month I should be able to start again.

4.  My AN1x purchase was worth it.  I’ll post my initial impressions soon.

5.  My night was a strange one, indeed.  Good, but strange.

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