Another System Failure

I think my firewire port is malfunctioning.  My audio interface seems to work fine with my laptop, but is not cooperating with my main computer.  I may still be able to finish the tweeks on MusiM’s “Missing Dead,” but it might require a bit of guesswork.

As it is, I don’t have time to work, thus doubling even slight frustrations I may already have.   Time for a whole new computer, I guess.  Perhaps all this overtime will pay off in the end, provided I’m not fucked on taxes and insurance.

Irrelevant and Tacky

I’m quite angry with WordPress at the moment.  After paying for the domain name, I’d rather not have PopPressed invading the bottom of posts with such trash as “What One Does in Paris If One Is a Carter or a Knowles.”  The blog remained advertisement-free until I upgraded, and now I have to pay another $30 to get rid of the ads that weren’t there before I registered the domain?  Furthermore, as I began posting a direct link to the Production Notebook on facebook, I noticed that the thumbnail showed the same photo to the link I’ve just mentioned.  So now Beyonce and Jay-Z have to be on my facebook page as well?  Blogger bubblegumcage3 sums it up very well when he says “it’s irrelevant and tacky, which makes it look like spam.”

I do not wish to say any more on the issue here than I already have (if I feel irrelevant advertisements do not belong on my blog, perhaps neither should lengthy discourse on the matter – besides, this already feels like a waste of time and blog-space), so good discussions about WordPress advertising, and what I gather to be relatively recent changes in WP policy, can be found here, here and here if you’re interested.  In the first link, a WP “Happiness Engineer” locks the discussion on the second page.

All said, I do like WordPress and have no intention of abandoning it (yet).  Nor, however, have I any intention to let WordPress use my posts to “occasionally” (occasionally, my ass – check the last half-dozen blog posts) place “discreet” (discreet, my ass – they are hideous and given precedence to “Likes” and comments) advertisements, so it seems I’ll be eating another $29.97, as I’ve already invested in the domain for a year, after which I may move this blog (admittedly unlikely).  I do, of course, understand that it costs money to run a hosting service, but this is essentially the same cost I’d be paying to self-host, only without the conveniences offered by WordPress.  While there are alternatives, I still find WP unmatched for those of us who are incapable of web design.  Fuckers.

P.S.  Did I mention that I can see the advertisements on nearly every post even though WP states that they try “very hard to not intrude or show ads to logged-in readers”?  Nonetheless, I’ve decided to wait a few days to see if they “make the ads display a bit better than they are now,” as they seem to be promising.

A Quick Thought on Recording

I’m wondering just how frustrating vocal recording will be with thin walls, screaming neighborhood children, and three rambunctious dogs on the roof of the building next to ours.  It sounds like they are in the room with you sometimes.  There might actually be something to miss about Houston after all, given the relative quiet of the apartment complex I was living in.

Three Months, April, and Other News from Seoul

Three months (three and a half) have passed more quickly than I would have imagined, and have managed to do so without much to tell.  It appears that my January projection for continuing work on Hijacking Your Fiction was far too ambitious.  My work schedule has been rather unfortunate, and while it is not difficult, I’ve had enough to do and my hours scattered enough to sap most, if not all, of my energy.  As a result, I’ve made the rather financially ill-advised decision to take April off when the opportunity to do so was presented to me.

If I am able to keep distractions minimal, I should be able to get the songs mostly, if not fully written, composed and recorded, and ready for mixing.  It will, of course, take an amount of dedication I’m not used to having.  I have also already begun selecting songs and working on the follow-up album, which might be more musically cohesive than Hijacking Your Fiction will be, where Hijacking Your Fiction is turning out to be thematically cohesive but musically diverse.

Other plans for the coming months include finding a teacher to continue my gayageum (가야금) studies and beginning haidong gumdo (해동검도) training.

Coming up:  More April goals, Foolish Fire, and the Re:Gen review of the C/Fe Menagerie!